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Frequently Asked

What days and hours are you open to the public?

We are open Wednesday and Thursday 11:00 am until 5:00 pm and Friday to Sunday 11:00 am until 7:00 pm for walk in orders and pre-order pickups. We are located at 2316 Major Mackenzie Drive W, Maple, ON. As we are open during prime lunch hours, please allow a minimum of 15 minutes for us to prepare your order. We accept all forms of payment.

Can we pre-order our pretzel bread frozen?

Yes! You are still able to purchase the pretzel bread fully baked and flash frozen at the store front and for pre-order deliveries. We recommend picking up frozen bread if you are not going to be eating it the same day or next day. We flash freeze our bread to maximize freshness and allow our clients to have fresh soft buttery pretzel bread in moderation. Simply take out what is needed for the day and leave counter top to thaw for 20 minutes. Enjoy!

How far in advance do I need to order for Catering Service/ Food Styling special event?

We would require 8 days (paid deposit) minimum to schedule, design and prepare staff for your event, but we would appreciate 15 days in advance. Booking your event early is always recommended as we do fill up very quickly and only have minimum bookings available per day to provide a high-quality experience. We typically have client’s booked, on average 3-4 weeks in advance to secure their dates. We encourage you to always reach out as we may have last minute opening available. We do not over book and take on more than we can handle as we want every experience to be obtainable and delivered with excellence.

Do you cater to people with special food requirements?

Yes! We accommodate keto, vegan, or vegetarian food requirements. We DO NOT work in a nut free kitchen, but we can make your order without nuts and replace those items if you feel comfortable. We do not accept orders with people who have anaphylactic allergies. YES, our pretzels are vegan made in separate nut free facility.

How does prop return work?

We require a $100 prop deposit which will be returned in the form of store credit.  Props are to be returned to our storefront the following business day.  Failure to return cleaned props the following business days will result in a forfeit of the deposit and store credit.  If props cannot be returned to our store front, we will pick up the following week and we will charge a delivery fee of $2/km.

Can we customize the platter/table graze?

Yes and No. Our prepared platter boxes are custom designed and priced based on the imported ingredients inside so there are no changes to be made to these, unless we are replacing the nuts items as previously discussed due to and allergy. Regarding the platter wood boards and table grazes, we di suggest letting us know if there is something you would like to makes sure is NOT on the table or appetizer board and we will replace it with something more fitting to your guests. We have a variety of high-end products that we happily swap around.

Do you take large corporate order?

Yes, we accept large corporate orders and deliver to businesses and individual homes/offices if needed. We use high end delivery service companies and can provide your business with an estimate quote once you have obtained all the addresses for deliveries, if needed. 

What is your cancellation policy?

Being GTA’s leading caterers, we work in a first come first serve structure, which means that once we secure your event in our calendar it is highly likely we are turning down multiple requests for the same time slot and have put our supplier orders in for those locked in dates. Because of this, we have a firm cancelation policy. Cancellations are to be done via email.

a) Should it become necessary for the client to terminate their booked service, the customer will be issued store credit via virtual gift-card and their booking will be cancelled.

b) Should it become necessary for the client to terminate their booked service due to a COVID-19 Lock Down, we will retain the full amount paid and the customer will be issued a store credit sent in the form of a virtual gift-card. This specific cancellation policy is only based on the Lock Downs that are announced by the province of Ontario and not based on personal concerns about the outcome of the event due to lack of attendees.

c) In the event of a cancellation, if the in store items (including table grazes) were ordered online, the client will be issued 100% store credit.

d) Prop and wooden board deposits for rental will be issued in the form of store credit as a virtual gift-card.

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