Flat Lay Charcuterie Table Graze

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Our Charcuterie Table Graze is filled with high quality cured and smoked meats, imported, local soft and hard cheeses. You will not find our brands of meat in your local grocery store. We had selected a handful of exclusive brands that we believe in that showcase their hard work in the quality of their products. 

This flat lay option is designed to lay FLAT on top of your table, kitchen island or bar space. There is no height elevation or props involved in this graze which allows great reach for your guests when reaching for the back items. This graze is designed to have easy clean up and no washing up or return of props. All the bowls and containers and tongs on your graze can be thrown out and recyled after your party. Nothing to be washed and nothing to be returned to us. 

Delivery is included up to 15km. Beyond that there is a $2.00 delivery fee that will be charged to complete the distance to your location. You will recieve a seperate invoice for this additional delivery fee. 

20-30 person graze $900 ( 5 Cheeses - 5 Meats 3oz per person)

30-40 person graze $1,200 (6 Cheeses - 6 Meats 3oz per person)

40-50 person graze $1,750 (8 Cheeses - 8 Meats 4oz per person)

50-60 person graze $2,280 (9 Cheeses - 9 Meats 5oz per person)

Florals are not included, please provide your own and we can add them to the table