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Our Salads are meant to serve 6-8 people per bowl. These are made with fresh ingredients and best enjoyed as a side option to your main meal or main charcuterie platter. 


Chickpea Salad- chickpeas, red onion, farm cucumbers, peppers, mixed olives, feta and zested lemon and greek olive oil


Fig arugula Salad- Spring mix and farm arugula, walnuts, blueberries, straberries, feta cheese and sliced figs (dry or fresh depending on inventory) toped with a raspberry balsamic vinegarette and greek olive oil


Burratta Salad- made with 400grms of mini bocanncini, one large fiore di late and one braided Buratta. Sitting on a base of farm arugula seasoned to taste and topped with greek olive oil and balsamic glaze