Doughnut Walls

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These Doughnut walls are custom to our doughnut sizes. These are the perfect table top options to display your doughnuts for your guests. 

White Doughnut Board (16 Pegs)

Only two doughnuts can fit on each Peg. 

If you would like your own doughnut wall to purchase for your event, we can work with our millworker to design your special board. This board will be yours to keep and reuse. The letters are viyln stickers and can be changed for purchased boards. 


There will be a $100 Prop rental Hold that will be sent to you once we confirm orders of your event. This is to ensure you return the board back to us clean and undamaged. 

Dirty boards will be deducted $25.00 from the total

Broken boards are $50- $100 for repairs and replacements

This $100 will be sent back to you in the form of a store credit.