Pretzel Walls

$45.00 - $150.00
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These Pretzel walls are custom to our pretzel sizes. These only fit the mini size Pretzels. 

Table top walls are meant to sit on a table top to display either Pretzels. You can fit 3 pretzels maximum per  hanging peg. This is the $45 rental fee. 

  • Walnut Pretzel Wall (9 Pegs)
  • White Pretzel Wall (16 Pegs)

There will be a $100 Prop rental Hold that will be sent to you once we confirm orders of your event. This is to ensure you return the board back to us clean and undamaged. 

Dirty boards will be deducted $25.00 from the total

Broken boards are $50- $100 for repairs and replacements

This $100 will be sent back to you in the form of a store credit.

The floor standing Pretzel wall is for Larger events. This wall sits directly on the floor. Pretzels start on the 7" off the floor for health and saftey. You can fit 3 pretzels per hanging pegs. This is a $150.00 rental fee

If you need the Free standing Wall wall delivered and set up there is an additional $150.00 fee. This is a 6 ft wall. If the location is beyong 15km there is an additional $2.00 charge per km 

  • (Free Standing Wall) Tall Slim-  holds minimum 21 pretzels and maximum 42 pretzels

  • (Free Standing Wall) Large Wide- holds minimum 42 pretzels and maximum 84 pretzels


Neither of the Pretzel walls need to lean on anything. They have their own stand.


Walls that are returned or picked up dirty will have a $25.00 deduction from the deposit hold.

Walls that are brought back or picked up broken or damaged will have $50-$150.00 deductedor billed to the client